Our Products


Candid’s primary entry point for submitting encounter information is the Encounters endpoint. Candid uses the information sent to this endpoint to submit claims.


Candid’s Eligibility endpoint can be used to run real-time eligibility checks on patients to confirm active medical coverage and to understand the patient’s benefits (co-pays, deductibles, etc).


Candid’s Exports endpoints are used to programmatically download CSV exports of changes to a claim’s status and associated metadata (e.g., service line amounts, patient and subscriber info, provider info).


Candid’s Tasks endpoint can be used to embed Candid’s Tasks in another system, like your integrated EMR partner.

Example workflow using Candid’s products

  1. When a patient signs up or schedules an appointment, Eligibility is used to run a real-time eligibility check to confirm the patient’s medical coverage.
  2. A day before the patient’s appointment, Eligibility is used again to re-confirm the patient’s coverage. It may have lapsed since they scheduled the appointment.
  3. After visit has been completed, an Encounter is submitted to Candid. This either happens in real-time immediately when the visit is completed and/or signed, or in a batch job at the end of the day.
  4. Exports are downloaded and processed daily. Patient payments are sent to collect the balance owed on finalized adjudicated claims based on this data.
  5. Tasks are synchronized with your system if you are not working them directly in the Candid app.