Candid Environments

Environments Overview

We have two different environments that you can integrate with:

When you are getting onboarded to Candid, you will receive a pair of client ID and client secret for each environment.

Trying to use one pair of credentials in the other environment will result in an error.

Using Sandbox

You can use the Sandbox environment to test your integration before going live. Although be aware that:

  1. PHI is not allowed in Sandbox. Please use fake data when testing.
  2. Not all functionality is available in the Sandbox environment:
  • Eligibility checks are sample data only provided through the clearinghouse Change Healthcare.
  • Claims submitted are not run through the full rules engine. In particular, claims will not be submitted and therefore not adjudicated.

In the API documentation, all of the examples will use the production URL api.

If you are using the sandbox environment, you will need to replace this with api-staging.