Payer Information

Candid Health supports most payers. You can find a list of supported payers with their respective payer_id, payer_name, and cpid below.

The payer_id and payer_name should be used in the corresponding subscriber’s insurance card information and when you use the Encounters endpoint.

The payer_id should be used in the tradingPartnerServiceId field of the Eligibility endpoint. Both the payer_id and the cpid are Change Healthcare defined payer identifiers. Our API reference will indicate when one should be used over the other.

When denoting a claim as self-pay, please use the responsible party field on the Encounters endpoint.

Important note about payers

When submitting claims to Candid, please ensure you are using the exact payer_name that is listed below. The relationship between payer_name and payer_id is not one-to-one, meaning that certain payer_ids are used for multiple payers. As such, Candid has to do a match on a combination of payer_name and payer_id to determine the right place to send the claim in those instances.

View list of supported Payer IDs, Payer Names, and CPIDs or download a CSV here.